Monday, December 03, 2007

Despite the weather

It was a wonderful, happy day. Started out (late, of course) with a photo shoot of this little guy. His parents call me faithfully every 6 months to record his growth. Isn't he a doll? Anyway, they just returned from a vacation in Singapore so I had them bring along his passport. We sat him on this old suitcase, put the globe next to him and added the passport. This was one of many favorite shots BEFORE the storm set in...... Poor little guy got soaked and started to shiver, but he was still having fun with us.
Can you tell that the rain didn't dampen their spirits? We had to cut the session short, but aside from anything blurred it's hard NOT to get a good shot of Mr. D.
Then home to a nice visit from family. Chloe was so excited to have girls in the house to play with. And even better.......they like CHOCOLATE! We had dinner in the dining room, using my good china (my new Sunday house rule), enjoyed the company and conversation.
Even though it was too cold, wet, and windy to get our Christmas lights up today we at least got the angel out on the porch. Chloe was happy with that little crumb. And speaking of crumbs, G was so excited to find the fresh braunsweiger in the fridge. I never buy it and he loves it. An early Christmas gift for my pal.
Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday as much as I did!

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