Saturday, December 29, 2007

Winding down

We were lazy after the frenzy of Christmas. My little pals wanted to lounge around all day in their new jammie pants that Grandpa got for them, keeping their little feet all warm and toastie in their "Life is Good" socks from yours truly.

This isn't ours, although I wish she was! Posey belongs to Sheris and is just a three-pound pocket full of cuteness! Even with my f/1.8 lens this was the clearest shot I got of the little squirt. She's not still for a second!
Now, off to work on a few projects before Lindsay comes over to tear my kitchen apart. The wallpaper is coming down and I have to decide what color to paint. I am not good at those decisions so going to search some kitchen sites to see what jumps out at me.
Happy weekend!

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jen renee said...

GREAT photos! That's what I'd like to be doing the day after Christmas. Warm socks and jammies.