Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after

Here's a sneak peek at day 25 for my JYC. And this is what I'm asking Santa to give me for next year!
Hey - doesn't everyone apply ruby red lipstick before resting a perfectly coiffed head on her comfy goose down pillow?
Today I worked at The White Hare, selling all those gorgeous and unique holiday ornaments, floral, and decor items half off. If you are in the area tomorrow stop by to say hi. I'm the one covered in red glitter with the charming, holiday retail personality. We have a lot of nice items left and a lot of beautiful holiday decor. I am happy to report that everyone I helped today was extremely pleasant and still in a festive mood. Two of the kind ladies didn't even care that I forgot to give them their additional coupon discount and said they'd be back for it later. You don't find those kind of customers every day, much less on the day after Christmas at a huge holiday sale! It wasn't so bad. We have a very nice clientel. I even managed to pack a couple of bags of goodies for myself to pull out for next year. I just hope I can pack them away THIS year. I've decided that February is the month to clean out the "warehouse" we used to call the basement. I always get in a simplify mood this time of year and it's hitting hard this year. I want to move to the country and live more simply. I have a very strong urge to do that. But how will I survive without Target and Starbucks? How would Glen function each day without his QT coffee and Post-Dispatch? I don't know, but I do know that I'm feeling pulled towards a simpler life.

Tomorrow I will catch up on the posts of my JYC for those sitting on the edge of your seats waiting...........

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