Sunday, December 30, 2007

JYC days 20 thru 23

I finally got all caught up on photographing these journal entries. One more post to go.....
This day was about the "unexpected". Didn't think I'd have anything since I'm the one doing all the stuff. That very day Glen brought this poinsettia home to me and
a friend came to my work with her pretty little baby girls and youngest sister to deliver those beautiful white tulips/red carnations in the antique looking santa pitcher, AND
I received a phone call that I had won a 50 pound gingerbread contest in a raffle from a bakery that I had popped into to get candy canes for my little buddies. We donated the gbread house to the local Salvation Army to share with the numerous families who were spending Christmas there. That only added to the joy of the unexpected.
Then there was the day I was supposed to photograph what my house looked like at that moment.....4 days before Christmas. It was not a pretty site. The only photo that turned out was this one of our dear OLD Santa, darn the luck!
The "to do" list. This is purely for show. The real list was two pages of a legal pad.
And here are our stockings hung by the chiminey with care. Real care! Our stocking hangers went missing so I had to run out and purchase 10 of these inexpensive ones that didn't want to stay put, much less hold the weight of a stocking AND it's Christmas booty. But the real story is how my mom has hand sewn each little piece of applique and sequin on a stocking for everyone in our family, starting with the one she made me for my first Christmas, back in 19XX. I love looking at them all hanging there together.

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