Friday, December 07, 2007

A little catching up

I have always loved those lighted stars at Christmas. This year I decided that I would have one on the peak of our garage. Glen waited patiently while I used electrical tape and outlined this tin star with white lights. Doesn't look very good in the daylight - actually it looks pretty hooze - but it gives the right effect at night. The funny thing is that when I loaded this photo I saw this ghost-like shadow of the star. I can't explain how it happened, it's just there. My sister will give me one of her looks with raised eyebrow because she doesn't question these things. She knows. Anyway, there is my star and my sweet Glen, following my directions at 11pm the other night to get it just right. On to the Christmas journal. I had to catch up on four days this evening. It is actually 3:30am as I am posting this, so I'm already going to be behind another day! This one is for my card. I have 2 ideas for the photo this year. You'll just have to wait until I get it all worked out to see what it's going to be. They are never easy as I have a warped sense of what I need for a holiday card. Thank goodness Peyton and Chloe still think this is fun to do. Pretty soon they will probably think their Grandma Pam is a loon and there will go the Annual Christmas Card Photo Shoot.
Day 4 I was to journal my Dream Christmas. I did that, using Pottery Barn as the setting. As I was doing this one it started looking too perfect to me. Where were the people? And more importantly, where was the trash and chaos??????? I decided that I really do like my Reality Show of a Christmas instead and am looking forward to another one this year.
Day 5.....Counting Down. I shared this photo earlier, but here it is in a journal entry along with my comments on how this tradition goes back to my childhood. We didn't have a fireplace, so our stockings and advent calendars were hung on our bedroom door. I remember waking up each morning and opening the door on the calendar, then just checking my stocking to see if something came early. It never did. Of course my grandkids get little treats in theirs every now and then. They love chocolate just like their Grandma. Those nuts didn't fall far from this old tree!
Day 6 - Memories of the Best and Worst Christmas. I couldn't think of anything disasterous that has ever happened at Christmas, except Amy's first one where she ate the wrapping paper and we had to take her to all the relatives with green lips and tounge. (You know how bad that kind of stuff is when it's your FIRST kid! I was mortified and ashamed, but now I laugh at it.)
What I wrote about were the two Christmases when my sweet father in law had just passed away and the last year my dad was with us at Christmas. Those have been the hardest times for me. I think of how much they would have enjoyed these years with their grandchildren and now the great-grandchildren. It makes me sad that these kids have missed those years with them. BUT I am so very thankful that both of our moms have come through major back surgeries this past year and will be in good health for this Christmas. We are very lucky to have them.

And that's all. I am going to bed for about 4 hours of sleep before my busy day tomorrow.




Nancyroo said...

Love these pages. My favorite is the 5th, though.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

I love how you journaled in a circle!

Jemma said...

fantastic pages, i love seeing others takes on them everyone is so differnt!