Sunday, December 23, 2007

Beginning with Brunch

No question, the holidays get hectic as the kids get older. Everyone working those pesky jobs that get in the way, other families to visit, it all gets so complicated. This year I decided to do a pre-Christmas brunch and it was so nice. This is also the first time we've had company at our house for Christmas and I had fun adding little touches here and there last night to spruce things up a bit more. Got out the PB white plates, pulled out those yummy breakfast recipes, managed to have the house cleaned (as long as we kept it on the first floor!), and was able to sleep in to boot! Since it's so seldom that all of my mom's grandkids are together at one time and place these days I wanted to get a family photo. That was the challenge of the day. First of all it had to be outside because there wasn't a well lit spot inside for this group. It was cold so I told them they could wrap blankets around them if they wanted just to get them to stop complaining. Tommy was first out with Peyton and Chloe close behind. After a couple of turns on the lonely tire swing they started yelling for the others to come out. Sara had to get Gracie all bundled up so all we could see was her cute little face. Lindsay waited until everyone was in place then she came out with her big coat on, all bundled up while the others stood there freezing. So we got the photo. The real one turned out good after Courtney grabbed the tire swing and held it so we could see the little kids faces. But the one below is my favorite. After the photo I told the little wimps they could all run back into the house. This is them. My little people all grown up. I love them to pieces! I think I'll blow this one up for my desk. It makes me smile. Merry Christmas to all!

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