Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas card and JYC day 10

Since I picked these up today and they will be mailed by the weekend (hopefully) I had to share. This is exactly what I had in mind for this year's Christmas card and the kids did a beautiful job working with me. They really get into this project because I ask for their input. Since Peyton got to hold the globe we didn't worry about the football on his sweatshirt. Chloe's navy blue skirt blends in well enough that I didn't care she was wearing her halloween shirt backwards or her Valentine leggings with the pink hearts all over them that are several inches too short. We've come a long way from Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus using tablecloths and dishtowels as the garments. :) This is not the shot I had printed on my cards. I was out voted and let them win because everyone doesn't see things the same way, so I figured they saw something in the other shot that I didn't. This is the one I would have selected for the card and since this is MY blog it's the one that you get to see. So, here it is. Peace be with you and yours. Peace on Earth. Day 10 of the JYC
We were to use actual wrapping paper as a background. I have so much paper because I buy it on sale after Christmas and still buy more when it comes out again. I don't know why. Must be my love of paper because it's sure not my love of wrapping gifts. In fact I greatly DISLIKE wrapping gifts. Especially the multitudes of boxes that come with this holiday season. I don't use bows unless I feel like opening one of those cheap-o bags you get 250 bows for $1.99, real classy. Names are hastily scribbled on a corner of the wrapped package with the good intention of covering it with a beautiful hand-made tag later. Yeah, that never happens.
The only year I did anything special was when Amy started questioning the gifts from "Santa". Since she was a bright child I thought I'd keep her guessing a little longer and STENCILED their names on special candy-cane striped paper that was used for nothing else. Pretty clever, huh? Turns out she had spotted the paint-stained rags in the trash while searching for evidence that I took her brother and sister to McDonald's for a Happy Meal while she was in school. I fixed her there too. I would drive the trash to the gas station before we picked her up from school. Then all she had me on was the stray french fry in the back seat. I ended up serving her cold Happy Meals whenever I took the little ones for lunch.
Didn't mean to go back to the eighties there............back to the present - I present my DAY 10.

15 days until Christmas!

Take a minute to check out the GORGEOUS tags that Tim Holz is making. He's even giving detailed - with photos - instructions on how to create them. Very cool stuff!

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