Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holidays and Stress

Before you stand in front of my soapbox for the day, here's a glimpse of Day 11 of my JYC.Read on if you dare.
Glen left an article on the table for me to read yesterday. He does that because I never have time to read the newspaper so he gives me the reader's digest version when there is something he thinks I need to see or know about. Anyway the article he recently left talked about how to "de-stress" for the holidays. It must have been written by a man. I mean really, don't I know that I should have lists to go by to save time? Don't I know that I should plan out my trips to keep from back-tracking? Don't I already know that I don't have to make 15 different types of cookies when a super large batch of one special cookie will do?
Here's my take on "de-stressing" for the holidays.
1. DH makes the list, checks it twice. Asks probing questions so the perfect gift can be found.
2. DH goes to 5 stores looking for the North Face coat that son wants
3. DH takes care of cards. He makes props, sets up canvas backdrop, takes the photos, melts the chocolate fondue for models, downloads and makes any photoshop corrections to photo, sends them off for printing, (okay - I am LOL here), picks them up, signs and addresses them all, goes to post office for special holiday stamps, mails them. (he does usually drop them in the mail box, I will give him that)
4. DH remembers which garland goes on the mantle, over the family room window, down the three banisters, over the front door, and on the china cabinet (even though they are clearly tagged each year as they are carefully packed away) AND would hang the 12 Days of Christmas hand-carved ornaments in the right order (he actually scored VERY BIG the year he gave me the entire set for my birthday in January, so we'll give him a pass on this one)
5. DH hauls in packages from all shopping trips, keeps a receipt file with names on all receipts, and stays within alloted budget.
6. DH checks out what wrapping paper is in the wrapping room (aka the corner of the basement) and buys whatever is needed, making sure that there is special wrap for the SANTA packages.
7. DH Hangs the stockings with care, making sure they are on the correct stocking hanger.
8. DH makes Advent messages for grandkids advent boxes of all good deeds for them to do. He also will find and buy little meaningful trinkets that will fit in a 1 1/2" square box.
9. DH asks wife what she would like him to do to help then actually DO IT without telling her a better way.
10. DH would put up COLORED outdoor lights instead of the big white ones which make the house look like an off-Broadway theatre.
That's what would de-stress my holiday.
Think I should tell him? Probably not because it's scary when we actually let him take control. Here's what would happen:
1. Everyone would receive a gift card to Home Depot (they have everything, you know?)
2. A few postcards might be sent out in lieu of the annual photo card, most would have addresses that are 10 years outdated because only I know the code of the address book.
3. There would be no garland hanging anywhere in the house.
4. Gift cards can all fit in one big envelope, so no bags to be hauled in and hidden. The dining room and spare bedroom closet would be clean and empty of these things. (that could be a plus)
5. See #4 - gift wrap would not be an issue. Home Depot gives you a card that folds to hold the gift card.
6. And of course, since he always starts hanging the outdoor lights when I'm convienently not home, we would still have those big white lights on the outside of our house.
7. Cookies, if any, would be the packaged Mrs. Alisons iced oatmeal - his favorite.
But all in all, he really does create a very nice Christmas for us. He is a very thoughtful gift giver and the kids always look forward to the one perfect gift he picks out especially for them. He does come home from working hard all day and puts up lights on the house. So what if he likes those white ones? They are kinda pretty and he did re-string my lighted angel this year and stood on his tip-toes on the very top of the ladder to hang that hooze star I made. And he always offers to help me with whatever I need done. We both know that I'm the control freak in this house and things work just fine the way they are. Love you, G.
I'll de-stress in January.
Happy Holidays,


Nancyroo said...

Love everything about your page!

Anonymous said...

You stirred up so many LOVELY things John does for me. Leaves the curtains open for everyone to see the mess on the table.
Tells me "WE" need to get the Christmas cards done and in the mail, only he waits till I get them signed & addressed before he gets out of the recliner to head to the table & proceeds to tell me what "WE" need to do. We actually had to make a trip TONIGHT to purchase stamps for a few bills that didn't get a stamp as we ran out. Couldn't wait till morning, had to be done right away& the bills just can in the mail today.

He hates dishwashers, says it is just a storage rack, nothing gets put away when the the job is complete, BUT, it is ok for the dishes to sit on the counter top and dry themselves. Only one thing wrong with this thought, they don't get put away either when they are done. Just a big mound of pots, pans, plates, etc stacked really high on the counter. Like building a house out of cards, you wait to see what is going to fall when you move one piece & you better have both hands ready to catch the stuff.

Poor thing, he just don't get it.
No way I can give up working, he has way too much time on his hands thinking of all the stuff "WE" need to do.
Gotta Love it.