Sunday, December 16, 2007


Here we little witch and I, all ready to go see WICKED at the Fox Theatre. Chloe was so excited that we had these matching "wicked" tights, and we gave Aunt Cindy and Aunt Linda a pair also. Chloe was so cute her first time to the theater! She actually gasped and put her hands across her chest when she saw the grand and glorious interior of our beautiful Fox.
There was a snow storm to greet us on the way home. But we made it safe and sound.
Had a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Never too old for matching green striped stockings!!

Anonymous said...

This picture seals it for me . . . You are absolutely the grandmother to Chloe that my Nana was to me. What a wonderful picture -- what a wonderful memory -- what a lifetime relationship. Love you both.