Sunday, December 02, 2007

'Tis the beginning of the Season

Last night we decided to drive thru Ft. Zumwalt park to see the annual Christmas Light Display. You drive through very slowly, so I let Peyton & Chloe out of their seat belts to come up front for a better view. We also had poor little Murphy with us (who was diagnosed at the vet to the tune of $249.00 with bronchitis). Lindsay said we looked silly from her seat in the middle so she felt it necessary to document this to show me. I think we looked like a nice family out looking at the lights.
So that she could prove her point, she jumped out of the rolling car (going a full 5 mph) and took this shot from the front. I'm thinking that it might just make the final round for the Christmas cards this year. What do you think? If only Gram had a smile, but then she was stuck holding poor little Murphy and he had gas.
We headed back home, set up an indoor drive-in theatre in my loft, made vanilla shakes with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles then popped in the Ruldolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (my childhood FAVORITE Christmas movie). We had a wonderful evening, kicking off the holiday season. See that advent box in the background? Chloe made that pretty much all by herself. Isn't it cute? The "Fairy of all Good Deeds" came in the wee hours and filled it. Today she had to write a letter to her aunt. She picked two of her great aunts (who love to spoil her even more rotten than her Grandma does) and wrote them sweet little notes.
I am loving the season so far - even though I worked my tail off at The White Hare today helping everyone gather all the decorations and gifts they needed this weekend. I'm hoping that retail again this year doesn't take the joy out of Christmas for me. I don't think it will with my little buddies reminding me of all good things.
Happy December 1st.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great post, Pam -- the words, the pictures ... the love clearly evident! Save this!