Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Card photo shoot

First, can I just say that our weather outside is frightful? I guess Dan was right when we cut open that persimmon in October - cutting cold!
This is all you are getting for now....the kids hiding behind the backdrop after the shoot. I must say that I am very happy with how it turned out. Just like I had imagined. I even got to make a point of showing Peyton and Chloe how I had to use geometry to make one of the props and how to make your own compass. They were very impressed with their Grandma Pam. Of course they were staying on my very good side as I had promised (okay, call it a bribe) them a special treat as a reward for cooperating fully with this year's shoot. Yeah, it did involve chocolate. And this little chocolate fondue pot they talked me into buying. And marshmellows. And then some fire to toast the marshmellows.
After that was done I headed over to visit little baby Drew. He is Abby's sister's baby boy, so we call him folk. Such a cute little guy! He was all smiles until I dumped the tub of ornaments on him. What the heck?????? You could just see the expression on his sweet little face. He smiles SO CUTE and has these precious dimples that will melt your heart. Problem is, he's very curious about the camera. He would only give me that melt-your-heart smile when I put the camera down and talked to him. We will have to try again in natural light, but here are a few from tonight. Look at him in that spiffy new outfit from Grandma Brenda. Isn't he handsome? Love those sweet little bare feet sticking out.
Finally, got a quick shot of that gorgeous grin. With four females doing their best to get him going I guess he couldn't hold back any longer. It was worth the wait.

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