Wednesday, January 02, 2008

All is white

Out with the old........... in with the new...............
After twenty-something years we've shared our meals together on the brown/blue ironstone dishes. I have purchased every piece they make from the soup/luncheon plate to the little toothpick holder. Some of it is long gone, broken beyond use, while I can still set a buffet with all matching serving pieces and a complete dinner with after dinner coffee for nine guests. I was going to offer them up on e-bay, but ended up packing them away. Someday one of my kids might become nostalgic and decide to pull it all out to share meals with their own families. Besides they are heavy. I wanted something lighter to eat from, look at, and pull out of the dishwasher. In comes the Pottery Barn White Collection. It's such a change, but when I set the table this evening I realized that it was really pretty! It will go with anything I end up doing in the kitchen restoration project. Sometimes change is good.

Sent my pal, T, packing off in style today. He left with a full tummy, a full tank of gas, and a full pan of those yummy cinnamon rolls. I had a lump in my throat as I watched him drive off. His big brother has one of those girlfriends now and doesn't come out often anymore. I hate when that happens.

I've been having a lot of fun these past two days with Project 365. In reality it should be one photo per day, but somehow I've ended up with 24 photos in the folder as of today. Here they are if you'd care to look.

Tomorrow - back to school for all the little kiddies. Back to work for me.

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Anonymous said...

Tommy really looks like his dad in this picture.
Enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and the stories to go along.

Love ya