Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sick day

Some lousy germ got ahold of me and won.
I stayed in bed, mostly sleeping, until 1:30 this afternoon, went downstairs to make myself a cup of hot tea, then took a nap in my big chair for another hour. I have been in my cozy pj's and warm, red robe all day.
Now I cannot get to sleep.
Why did they have to take the good stuff out of Nyquil?
So I set up my shot for the day, since it was before midnight when I took this it will count.
This is all the ink I have used since Thanksgiving in my Epson photostylus printer.
I love the printer - great quality - but HOLY COW! that's a LOT of ink! And the sad thing is that I have to argue with the recycling place to take these cartridges. They said they don't recycle Epson cartridges anymore. If I get a kid behind the counter, they will take them. What's up with that? Anyway, you can see I was on medication today and had nothing better to do than think about this. But I do feel better.
Today would have been my dear father-in-law's 80th birthday. He's been gone 19 years this past December but we still miss him very much. Glen always says he'd give anything to play a round of golf with his dad. He was able to enjoy 4 of his 10 grandchildren before he passed away and did get to meet the fifth one as a newborn. I thought it would be nice to post this couple year old photo of all his grandchildren, his legacy, in his honor today. He would have been so proud of these kids. And of course, they all drive Fords! He used to say to the little ones, "Smile if you love Grandpa!" Well, here they are. All smiling and a real tribute to a wonderful man.
until next time.....

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photog said...

Yea what's up with recycling epson ink cartridges? I've noticed recycling programs that take every cartridge ever invented, but Epsons.

Guess Epson hasn't figured out a way to re-sell or reuse them. Or, Epson doesn't want anyone else to sell them.

I have that view camera in your previous post, well looks like my calumet.