Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Someone's in the kitchen at midnight

Our pal, Tommy, came over after working all day at Starbucks. He was missing us and we were missing him. After taking him out to dinner and a stop at Old Navy for pj's and a hoodie he settled in to spend the night with his Gram, Chloe, his favorite aunt and uncle (who think he's the best kid ever!) We decided to make cinnamon rolls after watching a movie. Got the dough all ready and couldn't find my rolling pin. 11 o'clock hooze run to WalMart for that put us at rolling out the dough past midnight.........(hope nobody from child welfare is reading this). We got the dough rolled and Chloe sprinkled the cinnamon....look at it snowing cinnamon!
All rolled, sliced and ready to bake.
Wish you were here to smell my kitchen!

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