Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Saturday

Edit: I had these photos from the night the kids came by to show us the truck. I wanted to add it to this post 'cause Abby's so pretty! No offense Joey, but will you please shave that beard off already?
Beautiful springtime flowers I received for my birthday. Thought I'd share a little springtime in January with you. Thanks Lindsay, Colleen, and Maggie! Here's what I had to keep quiet about. Joey's new truck. He wanted to surprise his father-in-law this weekend and just drive up there with it. Joey's surprise is how much of his hard-earned money goes into the gas tank!
His dad was very impressed with the kid & his new toy. He is also happy that he doesn't have to pay the insurance for him anymore!
Off to work! Have a wonderful weekend.

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Latharia said...

What beautiful flowers! Happy Birthday!