Sunday, January 27, 2008

An Apple a Day

My girlfriend, Lisa - master pie maker, dropped this off for me yesterday. She knew I was sick this week and decided that she would give me a week's worth of apples to get back on my feet. Isn't this too beautiful to eat?
BUT - you should have tasted it! D E L I C I O U S ! is all I can say! Last night after a late night pity-party (see yesterday's post and you'll understand why I felt the need to throw myself this little party) and eating a healthy portion of "apples" I decided that Sunday would be PAMday. I got up, showered and dressed, grabbed my camera, cash, cell phone and took off. I headed to Main Street by the river where I always feel better and without fail can find something interesting to shoot. I'm sitting on the curb and up walks my very dear friend, Nancy. Photography or cocktails? Hmmmm? Trailhead it was. A couple of cocktails later I was feeling much better when we parted. She's a get-well shot in the arm. Love grabbing little bits of time with her, even though they are way too few and far between.
So, this is my shot of the day from Main street. I made it look dreamy because that's how I was feeling at the time.

Back on the highway I was thinking about my cousin and wondering if she had decided about going to see Celtic Women at the Fox Theatre. When I called her she was just walking out the door to meet Kathleen, our other cousin. I let her go, feeling a bit left out that I wasn't invited to come along. Before I could finish that thought my phone rang. It was them. They wanted me to come out and play! I was so happy when I pulled up and saw them waiting for me in Uncle Bill's big, shiny Lincoln. YES! A road trip in luxury! I didn't even mind that I (once again) had the back seat and knew I would be in a wind tunnel like it was when we'd bum in the old country squire station wagon when we were teenagers. I was so happy to be with them.

We went out to Winfield to look at a house and some property that Kathleen would like to purchase. It felt like it was hers as soon as we pulled up the long drive under this HUGE tree (must be at least 200 years old!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her that she gets it because I think it's been sitting there waiting for her to come along.

It's starting to get late. She doesn't want to see any other properties and Deb knows of a good restaurant in the little town. Naturally we had to stop. Pizza, buffalo wings, spaghetti - Mmmmm! It was good! Across the street was this charming row of little shops (all closed by then) but when I spotted the "Second Tyme Around" antique shop I couldn't resist the play on words I would have with this photo of the 2 of them in the foreground. I love these cousins of mine!

This is Kathleen telling Deb to get out of the car and ask for directions just as this train was coming by. Poor Deb is probably still partially deaf as the train whistle started blowing.
And here is one last share for tonight. Found this on mom's camera from yesterday.

I love the emotion in this photo of my sister and her oldest son. It makes me happy just to look at it. There is just something about a boy and his mamma. It doesn't last much past high school and college and that's what I was thinking tonight when I saw this. They are gone from you so fast - it seems like the blink of an eye.
So here is what I learned on PAMday, my day of meditation, peace, friendship, a little alcohol, cousins, and pizza (and K also told me so): It is much better to just GO with the FLOW and do your own thing than to try and MA-NIP-U-LATE v.[to manage or influence skillfully] a fun, family evening.


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Anonymous said...

sounds like we had a fun day. I didn't dare tell my hubby we ate while we were out he would have been upset. I kept my mouth shut and ate a whole other meal, considered it desert, after all, he slaved over the barbecue pit.