Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Night LIVE

I can't believe how fast the week flew by. Here it is Saturday night already, but wait a minute, that means I'll have my little pals to keep me entertained! After working all day I met Linz, Abby, mom & Chloe to go see the new movie "27 Dresses". It was a real cute movie, had one part that I about died laughing at but mostly it was nice to go out with my girls. Glen took Amy to a concert to see some guitar player they both like, and Joey was home playing a new PS2 game that he conned me into buying for him yesterday. After the movie we went to pick up Peyton and then tried to go out to eat. After 2 attempts at restaurants with over an hour wait, we ended up at Denny's - home of the Grand Slam. Not really your high class restaurant, but we were seated immediately in a back corner. Comfy.
While we were waiting for our food Peyton wanted to blow his straw paper at me. I played along. Then we started this game where they tried to blow the straw papers through the hoops of my earrings. We were laughing, Lindsay didn't see the humor in it and announced at that time that she had signed me up for a grandparenting class for new Baby Bozo. I was highly insulted and both of my little buddies came to my defense immediately. Hey, they are SMART kids! So I decided to ignore Lindsay's comment - let her find anyone who can teach ME how to be a grandma. Hmph!
After dinner we took Lindsay home so the fun could begin. (hey - she hurt my feelings, even if she was only kidding). Got this game "Brain Age" for their ds's out and challenged their minds for a while. I had to tell Peyton to stop looking so serious! He was really intense and didn't want Chloe to get more right answers than he did. Finally got this half smile out of him. Isn't he getting old looking? He's going to be in FOURTH GRADE in a few months! When did that little guy grow up so fast?
Of course he wanted to take some shots after I had the camera out with a new lens on it. He was telling me how to turn my earrings so he could take a picture of "earring spitball". Did I mention that the smallest hoop earned them 100 points?
Then he told ME to quit looking so serious!
Chloe took this. She shares her Grandma's love of red.
Time for a movie and some m&m's.

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Rita said...

Hi Pam -- how are you?? I think you sound like an incredibly fun Grandma and your grandkids are very, very lucky to have you! They are getting SO big! Wow!

Hope everyone in your family is well. Miss you! ((hugs))