Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Happy Day

Sunday - I slept in until 11am. I never get to do that and don't really like to, but it felt good today. As I went downstairs for some hot chocolate the doorbell rang. It was my little pal, D, with his mom both dressed in black t's and camo pants. This is the little guy I just shot with the globe after his trip to Singapore. Anyway, they came by to give me a gift certificate to my all-time favorite restaurant, Annie Gunn's. Wasn't that sweet of them? Anyway, they looked so cute dressed alike I had to grab my camera and get a couple of shots. He's such a cutie!
As they were leaving, numero uno son stops by. He was returning our ladder and chain saw. Guess his dad had the right idea giving him the Home Depot gift certificate for Christmas. It's always a bright spot when any of my kids stop by.
After that, I had planned on finishing taking down all the decorations. But Glen said, "Want to go for a ride?" That's all he had to say and I was in the shower to get ready. I had plans on going to see the Eagles in Clarksville. He had other plans. We went to St. Paul to drop in on Steve and Erin at the home they are building. Steve has been hanging around our house since we moved out here and is like a second son to us. Erin is a beautiful IRISH girl and we think they are a perfect couple! Anyway, when we pulled my mouth dropped open. This house is unbelievable! It is so beautiful and they designed it themselves. Not only that but they are building it themselves! I still think of him as a little kid, pulling up to the house on his bicycle, so I was even more impressed when I saw what he had done here. We had the grand tour. I am so glad I had my camera. This was much better than the eagles.

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