Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year - Resolution

My resolutions this year do not include the usual. None of them worked anyway, although last year I decided to find more serenity in my life and I think that worked to a certain degree. This is the year I will RESTORE I will restore my spirit, my mind, my body (with the help of Weight Watchers & a new exercise program) and my HOME. A clean sweep of the old, worn out stuff and a shot of new paint here and there, well - you know how one thing can lead to another.

We moved into this brand-spanking new house in 1995, all clean and white, no remenants of anyone else left behind (except for the twinkie wrappers and Busch beer cans that the workers left in the basement) ready for us to make it our home. The girls were both in high school and Joey was close behind so I thought it would only have to hold up a couple of years with kids and we'd be set to go. Not so. This house has been full for the past 12 years and it will never be the "empty nest" that I thought it would be by now. So it's time for a fresh face here. Starting with the kitchen. Tearing down the wallpaper is going to be the first step, but then what? I have a bag full of paint chips trying to decide what color to splash on the walls which lead into the breakfast room then on into the family room (home of the red couch). I'm crazy about this color called "haystack" but not sure if it will blend with the blue countertops. So I'm working on loverboy to install new granite countertops for me. And since we might be doing that, I would love to remove the penninsula and make an island. This could be a little confusing for the family for a while. They know to stay out of my "U" while I'm in there working. With an island, will this open up my territory? A question I have to ponder. Then there's the floor. This old one has to go. But do I go with ceramic or continue the hardwood we will be laying in the family room (that's another project for another day).
Here is the plan I have been working on the past couple of days. Still happy with my white cabinets, but the brass knobs will need to be replaced. Does the list ever end? Only one thing. I'm a simple girl, afterall.

Edit: I showed some of my plans to "loverboy" (don't you just love that commercial - and hey, it worked here!). He looked at them and told me I'd better buy (a home builder friend of ours) dinner. That was his way of giving his nod of approval. Step 1 - success!

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