Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sweet smell of babies

Today I woke up, packed my camera gear and headed out for the best morning........shooting two adorable babies!
First stop, little Miss H. A six month old bundle of smiles, joy, and motion! She did nothing but laugh and pose for the camera - but put her down and she was a blur.....crawling so fast I couldn't keep up. LOL! Such a happy, beautiful baby.
This is one of my many favorite shots of her, with her bright eyes shining and just a glimpse of her proud daddy smiling behind her. Just loved being with her and her family. Next stop, sweet baby N. He's just 3 months old and such a cuddler! I didn't want to put him down to take his picture - he just snuggled in my arms and, oh my, that sweet baby smell! He reminds me so much of Peyton when he was a baby, so very sweet and all filled out. He wasn't much up to having his picture taken today because he was so sleepy, but we got in a few good shots. Went away with that scent still on my shirt and it made me smile when I got in the car. How lucky I was to be able to be with these two adorable babies today! I swear I wanted to bring them both home with me!

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Anonymous said...

The picture of N is deceiving. At first glance I thought he was getting ready to cry. Upon further inspection I saw his fist was in his mouth. They are both beautiful babies.