Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eric's big night

Tonight was all about Eric.
He was one of the top ten finalist in his senior class chosen to compete in their
Mr. Irresistable competition.
We all piled in big bertha and made the hour long drive to support and cheer him on.
We are so proud of Eric and we love him very much.
He didn't win the title, but as I told Chloe - ALL of the finalist were winners!
They all had great personalities (Eric's was the best)
They all had a talent (Eric's was the best)
They all oozed California Surfer Dude in their swim wear (Eric's was the best)
They all looked dashing in their rented tuxedo's (Eric was most dashing).
(Who were those judges anyway?)
But really, all ten really were awesome 18 year olds.
Head together. Goals established. Polished. Outgoing. Humble (well, maybe 7 of them had the humility part down.)
So here we are in the OTHS theatre hall for our boy, Eric.
First we have the lovely Abby and Chloe (is Joey having booger issues back there?)
Tommy (Eric's biggest supporter), Peyton, and Joey.
The Matriarch (who nags us until we get where we are going ON TIME) and frets over the way to go even though she never drives to these events, is always the Queen Passenger. Sitting next to her is the mamma of Eric (the one who doesn't have to deal with driving an hour with all these people and just laughs at me while pulling off in her red convertible).
and Gossip Girl. She always has to know everything about everyone even if she doesn't know them. Then delights in sharing this information with anyone who will listen. Her audience is getting younger and younger. (When she was a little girl she was know in our family hub as "the town cryer". Every sentence started with "Guess what?")
Finally - couldn't get these all on this post, but will put on Flickr later. Here's a small collage of the evening.
So proud of Eric. Words can't even beging to express it and I am not going to try.
Afterall, he's going to be a journalism major and he would probably cringe at the adjectives I would string together. Sorry pal. Auntie is getting old and tired, but still absolutely adores you!

Had a great time!

The trip home........I'm afraid if I log it here my blogger account will be shut down. Suffice it to say that Abby, Peyton and Chloe were the only ones I told goodnight.

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