Monday, January 14, 2008

Today's thoughts

But first, a look at my photo of the day.
This is my little pal heading out to catch the school bus.
She insists on wearing a dress at least twice a week, even though she can't wait to get home to peel off those tights. I was trying to catch a photo of her because she looked so cute in her new coat from Grandpa, but turned out that this was my she was running out the door. So, here's what I've been thinking today.
I've been worried about something for a while now and it turns out that my worries were unfounded. I'm glad about that
it didn't set me at ease.
Something still seemed off.
I was talking to daughter #1 about this tonight on the phone and she quite simply explained it.
She said, "Mom, you just don't have intuition for normal."
I think she is right!
My life and that of my family would make most sitcoms take a back seat.
If something out of the ordinary is going to happen, it happens to us.
Therefore, I think she might be right.
My intuition is tuned in to the abnormal.
I feel much better now.

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