Saturday, January 05, 2008

Who ate my chocolate?

Just yesterday this Waterford dish held a two-pound bag of these pretty peanut m&m's. Tonight I got the bowl out to serve with hot tea to a guest and we had these four lousy pieces to share! So, what I want to know is, "Who ate my chocolate?"
Let's see. Last night was movie night with my two little buddies. They know where I keep the good stuff. I asked both of them if they ate all the m&m's. They confessed to only having two or four pieces each, but not the whole bowl. Apparently the elusive "not me" kid has taken up residence in this house again. He's been gone for many years now, since Joey was little. I guess he must have been hungry. I do have another photo for today's Project 365 but promised that I wouldn't blog it. It's going to be a surprise for someone and I have to keep the secret. I am terrible at keeping secrets, but this is a good one.
So, (you know who) you see, I CAN keep a secret.
But not for very long.

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