Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Flu Hits Hard

We are plagued by a nasty flu here. In fact it's so bad that it's made the front page of our newspaper today. Poor little Chloe has been sick for two days now, but still as sweet as can be.
That's probably why the "Get Well Fairy" left a special delivery for her today.
These yummy chocolate cupcakes were at the front door and her special card was left at the fairy door in the breakfast room (obviously the cupcakes wouldn't fit thru the little fairy door).
As you can see by the chocolate ring around her mouth she enjoyed every last bite! It's been a long two days. I was more than content to kick back in G's recliner in my comfy jammies to relax for the evening.
I made a huge pot of soup and stocked up on the basic groceries today in preparation for the snowstorm we are supposed to have coming. The weather forecasters predict that we could have up to 12 inches of snow! We haven't seen anything like that for years around here.
I hope they are only halfway right.
Will update you on this tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Poor baby, you cab see that she really doesn't feel well.