Friday, January 25, 2008

Mission (organization) accomplished

It's not really super-organized, but it sure feels better to have some elbow room.
When I was sitting here cleaning things up, I was getting a bin out from underneath the desk and I found this little paper "P" taped to the inside front panel. As soon as I saw that, memories flooded back of Peyton sitting under my desk, playing with paper, crayons, tape, and legos when I would sit down to work. He would have pillows, stuffed animals, lincoln logs, snacks - all kinds of things to keep him busy. We called it Peyton's Place and I remember when he called me to look down and see the "P" that he taped there to stake his claim. Wish I had taken the time to take a photo of him then. That's why I like doing this photo a day thing. It makes me take a photo of everyday stuff. Like my pigstye of a desk yesterday. You wouldn't believe the stuff in my "in basket". What makes me keep things I'll never know.
There. Doesn't this look better?
To my utter delight I unearthed my PEN P.A.L. ! She is the little lady who keeps my sharpies and highlighters ready for me. No more labeling cd's with a crayon (which doesn't work so don't try it).
That's all.

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