Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pizza and a movie

Coming up with ways to entertain these two during the winter is taxing. I hit upon the idea of teaching them how to make their own pizza and they couldn't wait! All day long while I was at work they talked about how they were going to throw the pizza dough in the air and catch it. I had to explain to them that only the professional pizza makers who went to pizza making school could do that, so we would try it this way for now. I bought one of those pizza crusts in a can (by the biscuits in the dairy section), a jar of pizza sauce from a famous restaurant on "the hill", a package of Italian sausage, smoked provel cheese (Oprah's bestfriendGayle claims this is best), and mushrooms for my & Grandpa's half.
Step One: WASH HANDS AND SCRUB UNDER FINGERNAILS with soap and warm water.
Step Two: (after a hand inspection) Gently spread the dough on the cookie sheet.
Step Three: Spread the sauce with the back of a spoon.
Add other ingredients, saying "Parmigano, Pizza Pie" while doing so. It adds flavor, I told them.
Set up mini Italian cafe with leftover Poinsettia plant from Christmas since Grandma doesn't have a candle in a wine bottle (and it wouldn't be safe anyway). Use the good Monkey melmac dishes, pretend Sun Chips are Italian bread sticks (they are healthier).

Doesn't this look delicious? Let me tell was YUMMY! They each ate four pieces which was a lot. This was a hearty pizza pie folks!
At 10:30pm we couldn't decide which movie to watch at the indoor drive-in theatre, so (can you guess?) another late-night hooze run in our jammies (I did put on a bra and sweatpants) to Blockbuster to purchase a copy of Shrek 3. Love that movie!
The next morning we moved the Italian cafe to the window (I figured the sunlight would give them a dose of Vitamin D and make up a little for me letting them stay up so late) and had a breakfast of Cocoa Krispies with banana slices.

Another fun Saturday night with my two best buddies in the memory banks!

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Gayla said...

I want to be a kid again and I want you for my grandmother. You are just too fun! And I'm craving pizza now.. thank you very much! How many WW points per slice do you think? LOL