Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday at Framations Gallery

I met up with the Rose family going to the juried show, Beyond the Lens II: A Photography Exhibit at Framations this afternoon. I just love walking around old St. Charles Main street with my camera. You never know what you will find to shoot. I am never disappointed. Here is the owner, Sarah, and host of today's reception. Don't you just love the background of all their framing samples? It reminds me of a wooden quilt of colors and textures. BTW, Sarah is a wonderful fabric artist and has some beautiful pieces hanging in her gallery, including an awesome self-portrait done on fabric.
Here is the man of the hour. Garry received TWO Honorable Mention Blue Ribbons for his work today. You can see a little piece of Vivian's work in the background with the red 2nd place ribbon hanging on the top corner.
While Garry is trying to get the right angle and set his flash, I got the shot you saw above. See, I told you that I do not like to use a flash! LOL! We went to Picaso's for a cuppa latte' after the show. This was a staged shot for the ShootSac. I liked the whole setting and the relaxed look of the Rose women, even though it was a blistery 31 degrees! Cindy, you're a champ!
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Jess said...

Wow...I was checking my e-mails this morning and to my delight I had yours. What a wonderful way to start the day. I enjoyed every photograph and every comment. I really miss everyone and I'm looking forward to getting back in pace with the club. I see Gary at the Gallery once in awhile since we are both resident artist there and I keep in touch with Viv and she keeps me on course. Viv and I both got juried into the St. Charles ArtWalk coming this April..we were excited about that, so now I will have to put down the paint brush for awhile. The bionic knee is doing great, I had age on my side, for once it was nice to have someone tell you that 55 was very, very young and recovery would go faster! Yeah, lets hear it for 55 year olds! Hope to see you next week...maybe some of your energy will rub off on me. Thanks again for sharing your pictures and thoughts. Even though I hardly ever see or talk to you I really feel like I know your wonderful family anf friends!
xox Jess Dreyer