Thursday, January 17, 2008

Glen & Pam's Day Off

Have you ever seen THREE eagles sitting in a tree? What a beautiful site this was!
We played hookey today and went on a field trip. I've been wanting to go see and photograph an eagle so we headed north to Clarksville. We arrived about 1pm (not an ideal time to shoot, but it was a cold, grey day with the threat of snow looming in the forecast) and walked up to the very cold, windy viewing deck by the lock and dam. We were the only crazy ones out there and within minutes my fingertips were frozen. I was about to give up and go to the car when Glen spotted an eagle flying from behind us out over the river.

How beautiful it was, soaring through the air! I watched through my lens, waiting for a good shot when all of a sudden Glen is pointing in another direction. There were two more coming in! In must have been lunchtime! All in all we counted 15 eagles after they went back to their perches in the trees along the bluffs. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from today.

Doesn't he look regal sitting here? I took this with a 200mm lens from the road at the bottom of the bluff. I wish there was more detail. They look like they wrap those enormous wings around them like a wool coat while perched. They are huge! Again, I took this with a 200mm lens.
And thanks to my wingman, "Turn around, this one's posing for you" I got the shots and had a lovely day.

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