Monday, January 21, 2008

Portrait of a Photographer

I was asked by a photographer friend of mine to take his portrait for a gallery show he has. He didn't want anything traditional (guess that's why he thought of me - I am so NOT traditional).
Anyway, he's the photographer I had do both Lindsay and Joe's weddings and you know what a fabulous job he did.
I felt the pressure for this. Here are a couple that we shot today.
First one here is with an old 4 x 5 camera that he actually used. This guy has every lens, flash, camera, and gadget that you could hope for, so I also wanted to get something showing that side of him. When he pulled out this old camera I knew we had to get a shot with this also. This is just a sampling of what he had in a couple of his several cases of equipment. And I would just like to add that he can print straight from his card. No photoshop touch ups for him. Isn't that impressive?
Now here's where I stepped in. I wanted him in front of an old door with a single camera and a simple camera bag over his shoulder. Of course, he knew where the coolest background was. I'm posting this one here that I tweeked with an action from Barb Uli's IttyBittyActions, called Urban Intensity. I love how it looks. He might like it straight from the camera. We'll see.
Those are his lovely and charming daughters with him. They are so much fun. He turned the camera on me for a couple of shots. It was freezing out today and we were a rock's throw away from the river. The wind cut right through you!
This one is for my nephew, T. He calls me an "old hippie" because I know how to fix his macrame necklace. Peace out, T.
I've had a scratchy throat all day and I guess being down by the river wasn't very smart. I can feel the fever/aches/swollen glands coming on. Better take some drugs and get under the covers.


Anonymous said...

LOVE them!!! Pam, you did an awesome job for Gary. I want a copy of the close up of you for my book - he captured you sis!

Anonymous said...

My ... My. ... My!
Aren't you the rebel without a cause?!!


Gayla said...

I think your nephew has you pegged properly. Amazing you still can remember your macrame skills! I do love that you were wearing your peace sign today. Awesome pictures!

Rita said...

Great photos of you and your friend!! Love the one of him with his daughters!

Colin said...

I absolutely dig the photo of you with the faded "Keep Out" on the door. Absolutely wonderful!